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The Velocity Small Business Summit is a one-day immersive virtual experience that equips small business owners with the knowledge needed to thrive in an ever-changing business environment.

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Thriving in the New Normal

Every year we look at the most pressing issues that are currently affecting or will affect Small Business owners. Our 2021 Mission: Helping Small Business Owners thrive in the existing and post-pandemic business environment.

Virtual Events & The Velocity Difference

We observed the growing need for virtually accessible content and discovered all the ways it is badly approached. So, we have created an entirely new formula to keep people engaged, tuned in, and informed.

What do Small Business Experts, Entrepreneurs, Hospitality Icons, Podcast Celebrities, Surgeons, Accountants, Security Experts, Sales Gurus, and Studio Owners all have in common?


They are all Speakers at the 2024 Small Business Summit

2024 Small Business Summit Speakers

What Makes Us Different

Traditional Virtual Events vs.

The Small Business Summit Virtual Experience


Lackluster & Dull: long and boring, these traditional virtual events often lack engagement and innovation.


Exciting, Fresh, and Insightful. We bring a special mix of educational and entertainment = Edutainment.

Come see live performances by one of the nation’s hottest bands, a business-related stand-up comedy session, panels, keynotes, Fireside chats, Live Q&A and Mini-Lectures make the Small Business Summit a one of a kind virtual event.



Come see live performances by one of the nation’s hottest bands, a business-related stand-up comedy session, panels, keynotes, Fireside chats, Live Q&A and Mini-Lectures make the Small Business Summit a one of a kind virtual event.

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Velocity Knows Small Business

The Velocity Company has been in the business of innovation for 18 years and has expanded to become the industry leader in Small Business Solutions, Media, and Events.


Assisting over 8,500 small business clients with consulting, business services, and marketing, we know the needs of the Main Street.


The Velocity Company has utilized both print and digital media channels to create a myriad of content or small businesses nationwide. Our signature media channel “The Velocity Network” was created to be a go-to media source for Small Businesses across the world.


Velocity produces high-quality events for the Small Business community nationwide. Our signature event “Small Business Day” attracts 2,500-3,500 attendees and distributes over $3.5 million in free resources to local small businesses.

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Why are Small Businesses So Important?

According to the SBA, there are 30.7 million small businesses in the U.S. which account for 99.9 percent of all U.S. businesses.

Small businesses create 1.5 million jobs annually and account for 64% of new jobs created in the United States. Small businesses generate the majority of jobs in the United States. - SBA March-2020.

Small Businesses innovate: According to the SBA, Small businesses produced 16 times more patents per employee than large patenting firms.

Small Business

Why is Now the Right Time?

7.5 million small businesses will shut permanently if business disruption caused by Covid-19 continues unabated, according to a new survey from MainStreet America.

"As Small Businesses go, so does the economy. As small businesses recover, so will the nation." - J.R. McNair, Small Business Expert & Velocity Small Business Summit Founder.

What They Need?

1. Small Businesses need a plan.

2. Small Businesses need immediate direction.

At the Velocity Small Business Summit, we are leading the charge and setting the tone for Small Businesses across the nation, helping them Succeed in a Post-Pandemic Environment.

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Why Should You Be Involved?

Join Small Businesses across the nation seeking reliable partners, vendors, and knowledge to help them succeed in the current business environment.

  • Exclusive Small Business Audience Base

  • One Business Sector per industry

  • Less than 10 sponsorship Opportunities Available

  • Show Support for Small Businesses nationwide: National brand association

  • One of the most innovative & diverse Small Business events

  • Become a trusted partner of thousands of Small business owners

  • Be a part of what it takes to revive the American economy

What is a Small Business &

How we reach them?

Small Business by definition:

The Office of Advocacy defines a small business as an independent business having fewer than 500 employees.

Small Business Facts:

Small Businesses make up 51% of all U.S. economic output.

Small Businesses are diverse and growing: The number of minority businesses has grown to new heights with 7.9 Million minority-owned businesses making it roughly 29% of all businesses nationwide.

2023 Small Business Summit Marketing Partners

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Three Ways We Reach Small Businesses


Our past Social Media Event Marketing Campaigns have reached Hundreds of Thousands of Aspiring & Existing Entrepreneurs. We reach these Small Business Owners Via Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube.


Through our partner relationships, we enlist cities and colleges to help us reach targeted Small Business owners throughout the Southeastern region.


The Small Business Network is one of the nation’s largest Small Business Communities. The Small Business Network consists of over 100 nonprofit Organizations, Meet-up Groups, and Small Business groups that make up a collective of 200,000+ Small Businesses throughout the Southeastern United States.


Summit Producer

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J.R. McNair is an Atlanta native with 21 years of experience advising small businesses and startups. He has launched enterprises in many fields ranging from food service to technology and has been involved in the business, music, and film industries across the southeast.

J.R. and his team have assisted over 47,000 small businesses since their company’s inception in 2002. In 2015, he founded Georgia Crowdfund, Inc., a nonprofit organization that helps entrepreneurs in various stages of business development. His national initiatives for small businesses include Small Business Day, Help My Startup, and Start It Grow It.

Since 2015, J.R. has focused on helping communities across the Southeast grow their economies through the development of local startup and small business ecosystems. Additionally, He is the founder of the Velocity Accelerator and serves as an advisor to startup founders across the nation.

Contact Us

The Velocity Company, Inc.
3365 Piedmont Rd NE #1400, Atlanta, GA 30305


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